Pistol Sights

More and more gun owners are choosing laser pistol sights for their guns because of the many benefits they provide. The biggest benefit is improving their accuracy in an instant. Laser sights provide an instant and distinct advantage over the gun holder's opponent. A laser sight allows the gun holder to instantly take a tactical position without any thought just by placing the red or green dot where they want the bullet to land. This can be very advantageous in a self defense situation where an individual may be in a fearful state, an intruder is most likely not to be confronting when there's a laser dot gleaming on their chest.

There are a variety of pistol sights available which includes rear laser sights, rail-mounted sights, laser grips and guards. You'll find red and green dot laser sights in rail mounted models and a variety of others, but green dot laser sights aren't available in all models. There are a variety of makers of laser sights as well which includes: Crimson Trace, LaserMax, NcStar, Aim, EOTech, and Laserlyte, just to name a few. Pistols that don't have rails can find several options from Laserlyte and Crimson Trace. Available in rail mount, Weaver mount, and trigger guard mount provides a variety to suit any tactical operator's needs and preference.

The options available for gun owners naturally depends on your gun make and model. There are reference charts available that can assist owners in finding what choices they have that will properly fit their handgun. One can also talk with a products specialist who will be able to assist you in your purchase. Whether the pistol is a Kel-Tec, Ruger, Glock Beretta or Kahr, a full size or sub compact, you are sure to find a great choice in laser pistol sights.