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RCBS knows handloading. For over 60 years, R C B S has been producing high-quality gun reloading equipment that lets hand-loading enthusiasts get the most enjoyment from their hobby. The history of RCBS Reloading Equipment begins in a small back room as a hobby of Fred T. Huntington, who began making bullet swaging dies for manual reloading of cartridges intended for hunting the yellow-bellied marmot or "Rock Chuck", a western US varmint. These "Rock Chuck Bullet Swages" are history today, but the RCBS name lives on. The company today manfuactures high-quality gun loading tools and reloading supplies that every handloader needs, with custom tools for every step of the handloading process from start to finish. Hand-load fans will find a wealth of precision gun tools from RCBS, including trigger pull pressure gauges and scales for weighing out reloading powder, reloading presses, primer, trays, cleaning brushes, lubricant, priming tools, reloading dies and shell holders, bullet pullers and more.

Crank out ammo again in no time. RCBS Pistol Bullet Feed Die allows the progressive pistol loader to leave the feed die set up on the removable die plate for quick caliber changeovers. The popular RCBS Bullet Feeder shortens reloading sessions while increasing load rates by approximately 50%. Rather than reinstalling on die plates and adjusting Bullet Fingers and Guides, simply install another Bullet Feed Die from RCBS to save more time during caliber changeovers. Includes Feed Die body, one set of Bullet Fingers and a retaining clip.

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RCBS Hand Loading equipment provides shooters with everything needed to re-use expensive cartridge cases by reloading brass with new primer, powder and bullets. From properly cleaning out and lubricating used cartridges all the way to seating the bullet, R.C.B.S. is there with the sizing dies and shell holders you need for the satisfaction of hand loading. The brass case is the most expensive part of a loaded round. When the cartridge casing is reloaded (replacing the primer, powder and bullet), hand-loaders see savings of about 60% over factory-loaded ammunition. Reloading bullets also lets hand-loaders experience the satisfaction of precisely hand-crafting their rounds to their specific shooting needs. Brass reloading allows customized cartridges for increased accuracy and velocity. When you reload ammunition with RCBS reloader gear, you'll know you have the right tools - so you can focus on the sheer enjoyment of the ammo reloading process.

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