Docter Red Dot Sight 3.5 MOA Gen 4 Red Dot Scope 55701

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Docter Red Dot Sight 3.5 MOA Gen 4 Red Dot Scope 55701

Docter Red Dot Sight 3.5 MOA Gen 4 Red Dot Scope 55701

This model of Docter Red Dot Sights has been discontinued and no longer available. However, we have other excellent red dot sights on our site at great price - such as EOTech Red Dot Sights, Trijicon Reflex Sights, ATN Red Dot Sights and other top brand red dot scopes and weapon sights.

Docter Red Dot Sight 4th Gen 3.5 MOA utilizes two highly polished, optical quality glass lenses (compared to one plastic lens in some competitive models) sandwiched together and solidly set in the frame of the red dot sight. A specially formulated DOCTER multi-coating is applied between the lenses, which protects the coating from scratches and abrasions. Coating on Docter Red Dot Scope Sight assures a bright, clear sight picture, greatly reduces distracting, over-the-shoulder glare on the lenses, and eliminates parallax out to 40 yards.

Featuring a compact tubeless design the Docter Red Dot Sight 3.5 MOA Gen 4 Red Dot Scope is a low weight Docter Sight that does not sacrifice in performance. Because of the small size and weight this reflex sight can be mounted directly on short barrel guns. The outstanding features of the new Docter Optic Red Dot Sight make it the most desirable sight of its type now available. Even though Docter Red Dot Sight is smaller, lighter in weight and more compact than most red dot sights, it is extremely strong and durable, withstanding up to 500 G's of recoil. The frame of this tactical sights is made of stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum.

The dot of the Docter 3.5 MOA Red Dot Scopes covers approximately 3.5 inches at 100 yards and is best for handgun hunting and rifle applications.

Brightness of the precise red dot is automatically adjusted in Docter Optic Red Dot Sight 3.5 M.O.A. to ambient light conditions through use of a light sensor which reduces the intensity of the dot in low light, and increases it for better visibility in bright conditions. Docter Dot Sight has a built-in "Battery Save" mode which extends average battery life to approximately six years. Power is provided by an easy-to-replace, standard lithium Type CR 2032 3-volt battery.

Specifications for Docter Reflex Sight 3.5MOA Gen4:

Magnification: 1.07 x
Sight window: 21 mm x 15 mm
Elevation adjustment range: 4 degrees or 720 cm @ 100 m or 260 in @ 100 yards
Windage adjustment range: 3 degrees or 540 cm @ 100 m or 195 in @ 100 yards
Set value for one scale division: 1 minute of arc or 1 in @ 100 yards with 60 scale divisions per turn
Subtension of the aiming dot depending on the model: 10 cm @ 100 m / 3.5 in @ 100 yards or
Parallax-free sighting distance: approx. 40 yards
Recoil resistance: at least 1000 g
Operating temperature range: - 25C to + 55C / - 10F to + 130F
Storage temperature range: - 40C to + 70C / - 40F to + 160F
Power supply: 3 V with 1 x CR 2032 (Lithium)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 46 mm x 25.4 mm x 23.7 mm
Weight (in operating condition w/o mounting aids): 0.9 oz. / 25 grams

Features of Docter Dot Sights:

  • New 10 % Brighter LED
  • Thinner Coating
  • Cleaner, Brighter Red Dot
  • Extended battery life expectancy of 6 years
  • Tubeless Design
  • Low Weight
  • Works with PIstols and Large Caliber Guns
  • Large Field of View

Package Contents:

  • Docter Red Dot Sight 3.5 MOA Gen 4 Reddot Scope 55701