Decatur Genesis Handheld Directional Police Radar Gun w/ Antenna, Corded Cigarette Lighter Adapter

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Government Restriction
Government Restriction
This item may be regulated for sale to Military, Law Enforcement, or other qualified personnel. Our Risk Management Team will be in touch with you regarding required qualifications and documentation. Certain federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations may apply.

Decatur Genesis Handheld Directional Police Radar Gun w/ Antenna, Corded Cigarette Lighter Adapter Product information

Decatur Genesis Corded Directional Police Radar Gun is a perfect solution to getting your officers the equipment they need without the hassle of expensive or time consuming repairs. Expand your traffic safety program with the Genesis Handheld Directional Radar Gun by Decatur. Your community will realize a significant return on investment. Speed enforcement helps to reduce DUIs, aggressive driving and traffic fatalities. Why not outfit every vehicle in your fleet? With this Decatur radar gun, every department can afford to expand its traffic enforcement program. Save money and demonstrate a commitment to community safety programs, such as school zone and neighborhood speed monitoring.

Compare Decatur Genesis Corded Directional Traffic Radar Gun to all other corded radars. There is no better value on the market today. Get the latest direction sensing technology for a fraction of the cost of competing police radar guns! Decatur Genesis-HD Radar Gun offers high tech without the high cost.

Decatur S781-10-0-MPH: Genesis GHD Police Radar Gun, Measures in MPH
Decatur S781-10-0-KPH: Genesis GHD Police Radar Gun, KPH Scale

Specifications for Decatur Genesis Hand Held Corded Radar Gun:

Stationary Accuracy: +/- 1 MPH
Target Speed Range: 12-210 MPH
Speed Sampling Rate: 100 Samples / Sec.
Operating Frequency: K-Band, 24.150 GHz
Beam Width: 12 Degrees Nominal
Power Output: 10 Milliwatt Nominal
Supply Voltage: 8.5 - 16.5 VDC
Operating Temperature: -22F to +158F
DSP Computer: 32-Bit Processing
Dimensions (WxHxL): 3.25" x 7.6" x 7"
Weight: 2 lbs

Features of Decatur Genesis HD Direction Sensing Police Radar:

  • Direction Sensing Technology in a Simple-To-Use Stationary Format
  • Excellent K-Band Range and Performance
  • Rugged Polycarbonate Housing
  • Display Approaching or Receding Traffic
  • Display Traffic in Both Directions
  • Isolate Traffic in One Direction
  • Track and Lock the FASTER Target
  • Easy-To-Read LCD Display
  • Target and Lock Speeds Displayed
  • 32-Bit DSP for Fast Target Acquisition
  • Rugged Polycarbonate Housing
  • Track-Through-Lock
  • Communications Port Interfaces with Printers, Display Signs and Laptops
  • Pure Audio Doppler (Not Synthesized)
  • Software Upgradeable (Via Data Port)
  • 2-years Full Warranty
  • Meet or exceed All Requirements of the NHTSA, MTF, IACP

Package Contents:

  • Decatur Genesis Handheld Directional Radar Gun
  • Radar Certification
  • Two Tuning Forks
  • Manual

State Specific Law Enforcement Police Radar Guns Regulations

Florida: All Police Radars and Law Enforcement Radar Guns must include special "Florida Software". Please contact us when you place your order for a traffic radar or radar trailer to be used a Florida Law Enforcement agency. You must request Florida software at time of order.
North Carolina: No "Faster Target" or "Time Distance (Stopwatch)" modes are allowed in Police Traffic Enforcement Radars. Pre-approval testing required on new models. Genesis I and Genesis II, Genesis VP & GVP-D are currently approved. No Same Direction. You must request North Carolina software at time of order
Connecticut: Hand-held Police radar guns in all forms are outlawed for use by law enforcement agencies. In-car Moving Radars are allowed. Police Radar units must have waterproof antennas and be mounted outside of the patrol vehicle.
Pennsylvania: Stationary Police radars only for use by Law Enforcement agencies. Only State Police are allowed to use police radar for enforcement purposes. On rare occasion, municipal Law Enforcement agencies will purchase a stationary police radar (generally a hand-held device or a speed trailer) to use for conducting speed studies.
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Decatur Genesis Handheld Directional Police Radar Gun w/ Antenna, Corded Cigarette Lighter Adapter Options

Product Code UPC SKU Decatur Genesis Handheld Directional Police Radar Gun w/ Antenna, Corded Cigarette Lighter Adapter Options
DT-RG-GnsHH-S781-10-0-MPH 61142 GHD-MPH Decatur GHD Genesis Police Radar Gun, MPH Scale S781-10-0-MPH
DT-RG-GnsHH-S781-10-0-KPH GHD-KPH GHD-KPH Decatur GHD Genesis Police Radar Gun, KPH Scale S781-10-0-KPH