Galco CMBT Sling Black CBT50B

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Galco CMBT Sling Black CBT50B

Galco CMBT Sling Black CBT50B

Galco CMBT Sling Black CBT50B on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Galco Combat Slings.

The CMBT (Center Mount Bilateral Tactical) Sling provides the speed and simplicity of a single-point design, while offering increased comfort and more carry options than other single-point designs. Completely ambidextrous, the CMBT sling also allows very fast and simple shoulder-to-shoulder transitions preferred by many users of single-point designs.

Drawing on Galcos many years of experience designing the most comfortable shoulder holster systems in the world, Galco design team developed the ideal harness first as the systems foundation and then created the actual sling. Crossing over the back and securing in the front at the center mounting plate, the CMBT Slings harness is both comfortable and extremely stable, even under the weight of a heavily accessorized weapon.

The wide adjustability of the CMBT Slings harness allows the user to position it for the greatest comfort, fastest access, and best clearance of combat equipment. The harness also features two fastex buckles for quick removal of the harness. These buckles are positioned under the arms for protection against accidental release while still allowing convenient access.

The CMBT Slings center mounting plate houses the slings primary attachment point, an anodized aluminum pelican hook. This hook comes complete with a quick-release pull tab, making intentional release from the sling fast and easy, but also guarding against accidental release by combat equipment or external objects.

Secondary fastex buckle points are mounted at both shoulders of the CMBT Slings harness, allowing the weapon to be moved off the centerline and secured on either the strong or weak sides. The strong side is normally used when performing administrative or other non-combat tasks, yet the weapon can still be deployed from this position. The weapon can also be secured on the weak side, and thus out of the way when using a secondary weapon such as a handgun or a breaching shotgun.

The included strap attachments allow use of all the CMBT Slings features: one immediately behind the receiver for the primary sling attachment point, and one at the buttstock for use of the secondary shoulder mounting points.

M4 users may install a permanent slot-type receiver plate, use a non-permanent single-point adapter (an agency adapter), or simply wrap the receiver strap around the buffer tube.

Users of M16/AR15 series weapons with fixed stocks must install a permanent receiver plate to ensure function of the charging handle.

Users of many other designs, including shotguns, may also wrap the receiver strap around the stock of the weapon.

The CMBT sling is ambidextrous and available in black.

Specifications for Galco Gun Slings CBT50B:

Mfg Item Num:  CBT50B
Type:  Tactical Sling
Swivel Size:  N/A
Length:  Adjustable
Width:  N/A
Color:  Black
Material:  Nylon Webbing

Package Content:

  • CMBT Sling