Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope Personalized by Leupold Custom Shop

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Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope Personalized by Leupold Custom Shop

Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope Personalized by Leupold Custom Shop

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The following spec is for a standard model of Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope. Please note that if you select one of the custom rifle scope options, the standard specs for the riflescope might change according to your selection.

The Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope is made for the hunters and shooters out there that enjoy and appreciate the form and function of a fixed riflescope that is excellent for hunting out in the open country. The Leupold Riflescope has a powerful combination of high magnification, Xtended Twilight Lens System with DiamondCoat 2, and Leupold's Full Lifetime Guarantee.

Available Options for Leupold FX3 6x42 Millimeter Hunting Riflescope

  • 66805: Leupold FX-3 6x42mm Gloss Finish with Duplex Reticle Riflescope
  • 66810: Leupold FX-3 6x42mm Matte Finish with Heavy Duplex Reticle Rifle Scope
  • 66815: Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope - Matte Finish, Wide Duplex Reticle
  • 66820: Leupold FX 3 6x42mm Matte Finish with LR Duplex Reticle Riflescope
  • 66825: Leupold FX3 6x42mm Rifle Scope - Adjustable Objective, Competition Hunter, Matte Finish, Target Dot Reticle

Specifications for Leupold FX-3 6x42mm Riflescope:

Length:  13.2 in
Tube Length:  5.4 in
Eyepiece Length:  2.5 in
Objective Length:  4 in
Objective Diameter:  1.9 in
Eye Piece Diameter:  1.6 in
Tube Diameter:  1 in
Actual Magnification:  6x
Field of View at 100 yds(ft):  17.3 ft
Field of View at 100 m(m):  5.8 m
Eye Relief(in):  4.4 in
Eye Relief(mm):  113 mm
Objective Clear Aperture:  1.7 in/42 mm
Weight:  13.6 oz/386 g
Elevation Adj. Range(MOA):  55
Windage Adj. Range(MOA):  55

Features of Leupold FX3 Scope:

  • Xtended Twilight Lens System optimizes the transmission of low-light wavelengths, so you see the details of low-light scenes in greater, brighter detail than with any other riflescope available
  • DiamondCoat 2 lens coatings on exterior lens surfaces provide the highest level of scratch resistance
  • Blackened lens edges reduce light diffusion, so more usable light reaches the shooter's eye, for a brighter image with higher resolution
  • Finger-adjustable, cryogenically treated, 1/4 MOA click windage and elevation adjustments with resettable pointer dials marking the zero point
  • Internally threaded, lockable, extreme fast-focus eyepiece with Alumina rubber eyepiece guard
  • Incredibly rugged and waterproof
Package Contents:
  • Leupold FX-3 6x42mm Rifle Scope
  • Leupold Scope Cover

New! VX-L Scopes               VX-L 3_5-10x50mm

VX-L height comparison


Leupold has created a radically different design with the VX-L scope. This proprietary, patent-pending rifle scope design includes a small crescent in the lower radius of the objective lens, so the Leupold VX-L Scope can be mounted to hug the barrel, like part of the rifle itself. The legendary low-light performance, ruggedness, and absolute waterproof integrity that Leupold is famous for remains 100 percent intact.

VX-L Leupold ProfileMount your Leupold 50mm VX-L as low as a typical 36mm riflescope, and your Leupold 56mm VX-L as low as a 40mm riflescope, while gaining a larger exit pupil and other low-light advantages! But that's not all. The Leupold VX-L also features Leupold Second Generation waterproofing technology, the exclusive Leupold DiamondCoat Index Matched Lens System with new blackened lens edges, and more. If you've been waiting for the low down on low-light performance, it's finally here.

Features of Leupold VXL Scopes

Features of the Leupold VX-L Rifle Scope Series

View through VX-L Reticle Light Optimization Profile gives you the low-light performance advantages of a large objective riflescope, without the high mount. Leupold 50mm VX-L mounts like a 36mm riflescope, yet delivers 48.6 percent more Total Light Throughput (TLT)! Likewise, the 56mm Leupold VX-L mounts like a 40mm rifle scope, and delivers 96 percent more Total Light Throughput. The lower mount also gives your rifle better balance, and the quick, accurate aiming that comes with a low-mount cheekweld.

Argon Krytpon Leupold's Second Generation Waterproofing: While Leupold still waterproofs other optics with bone-dry nitrogen - first pioneered by Leupold in 1947 - Leupold VX-L riflescope features an exclusive proprietary Argon/Krypton gas blend. The advantages are two-fold. First, it nearly eliminates the effects of thermal shock. Second, Argon/Krypton molecules are significantly larger than nitrogen molecules, reducing the diffusion of gasses sealed inside your scope even more than Leupold proven nitrogen waterproofing technology already does. Leupold pioneered nitrogen waterproofing, and it remains the industry standard. Argon/Krypton waterproofing now exceeds the first standard set.

Indexed Matched Lens System Index Matched Lens System with DiamondCoat on VX-L riflescopes: A Leupold exclusive, this system has nearly perfected Leupold's already impeccable light management. Leupold optical engineers specify different coating materials for each lens surface within the riflescope, based on its index of refraction, placement, and function. They also matched the ideal coatings to each lens' glass type and layered these substances to minimize reflections and maximize light transmission. The result is unparalleled brightness and clarity.

Diamond Coat CoatingLeupold Diamond Coat lens coatings: These Leupold lenses are currently protecting the lenses of Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T riflescopes in the dustiest, sandiest environments on earth: Iraq and Afghanistan. Leupold has added this durable multicoating to the objective lens and eyepiece lens of Leupold VX-L to give you the ultimate in abrasion resistance and light transmission, for a flawless sight picture over a lifetime of hard use. It has made a difference in battle, and will make a difference where you hunt.

Dual Spring Titanium/Nitride/Stainless Adjustment System gives you incredibly tight tolerances and near perfect engagement of the interior surfaces, for the utmost precision, as well as outstanding strength and durability. All 3.5-10x and 4.5-14x magnification VX-L riflescopes feature finger-adjustable 1/4-MOA click adjustments with resettable pointer dials. Leupold VX-L 6.5-20x56mm Rifle-scope offers finger-adjustable 1/10th-MOA target adjustments with resettable dials.

Dual Spring Erector System is the last word in ruggedness and durability, which is why Leupold uses it in Leupold Mark 4 tactical riflescopes. The standard Leupold erector system is the industry benchmark for ruggedness and durability. The dual spring erector system takes it a step even further, exerting up to 30 percent more holding force on the erector. This system virtually eliminates erector system backlash and stress on the vital internal workings of your Leupold VX-L riflescope. The result is generations of adjustment life and a riflescope that's more capable than ever of withstanding incredible abuse and pounding recoil.

VX-L Side FocusSide Focus Parallax Adjustment Dial on select models gives you the capability to easily and quickly focus, from any shooting position, and delivers pinpoint adjustments from 25 yards (or less) to infinity.

Blackened lens edges are yet another way Leupold's optical engineers ensure light is transmitted properly through the scope, by reducing glare and providing the best possible contrast.

Lockable, extreme fast-focus eyepiece is threaded to allow even faster focusing than ever before. Set it quick, then securely lock it in for reliable performance every time you put your Leupold VX-L to your eye.

Boone and Crockett Big Game reticle and Varmint Hunter reticle are available in select models. These unique reticles, part of Leupold's exclusive Ballistic Aiming System, make mastering long-range shooting easier than ever, with multiple aiming points for longer ranges and varying wind speed. Two power selector settings provide an easy way to set the aiming points to match your ballistics.

One-piece one-inch and 30mm main tubes are manufactured from single blocks of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to offer outstanding lightweight strength and durability.

Tactile power indicator with range estimating feature on the power selector ring is super smooth, due to the addition of special graphite O-rings and infinite power band. The infinite power band selector lets you set your magnification exactly where you want it, not on a pre-set magnification that clicks into place, as on lesser riflescopes.

The Leupold guarantee

Legendary Leupold ruggedness is guaranteed

Each Leupold VX-L passes the same stringent tests as all Leupold Golden Ring optics. The Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee is the best consumer protection available.

VX-L Scope Options

Leupold VX-L Scope options

VX-L Side Focus Leupold6.5-20x56mm Long Range Extreme Varmint model is sure to impress in a world where long shots are the gold standard. This matte black Leupold VX-L features red anodized spattering on the exterior surfaces for a custom look that is all its own, and won't soon be forgotten.

Leupold Custom Shop Riflescopes

Leupold Rifle Scopes can be customized to your exact specifications though OpticsPlanet's Leupold Custom Shop Program! Not only do we offer the best prices on brand new Leupold Riflescopes, but we can also have your scope personalized to your exact specifications. Customize the functionality of your rifle scope with your own adjustment dials, custom reticles, eyepiece and objective threading, and bullet drop compensation dials, or just spruce up the scope's looks with 24K gold plating, custom anodized scope finishes, or custom laser engraving - we can even have your name engraved on your custom scope. Our Leupold Custom Shop Program offers unique opportunities for individuality. Your Leupold customized scope retains its full functionality - each customized Leupold riflescope is still totally waterproof and fog-proof, stays optically and functionally perfect, and maintains its Leupold Lifetime Warranty. All of the upgrade work is done at the Leupold facilities by the experts from Leupold Optics Custom Shop right before we ship the custom rifle scope to you! It's hard to imagine a better hunting gift than a one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line riflescope designed for his or her specific shooting style. A customized rifle scope is a terrific gift for men who like to hunt and appreciate timeless quality. Your father or husband will appreciate this unique and timeless gift for him.

Learn more about our many Leupold Rifle Scope Customization options!

Custom Leupold Riflescope Laser Engraving

Leupold Laser engraving on turretIf you want a Leupold rifle scope that is truly unlike any other, consider Leupold's personalized laser engraving.

"Custom Built For" Rifle Scope Name Engraving Option

This personalized option is a very unique gift idea, and lets everyone know who this riflescope was custom-built for via engraving on the turret or the objective bell. Need gifts for Dad? Add his name to his new riflescope. Need a unique business gift idea? Add your company name or a short slogan to your Leupold riflescope order.

Initials on Adjustment Cover of your Leupold Rifle Scope

Want an inexpensive custom option? Add a three letter custom monogram to the adjustment covers, for a classic touch.

Wildlife Image on Bell (Right or Left sides)

Another option that we offer is a laser engraving of your riflescope with the profile of one of the world's most magnificent game animals, including: elk, whitetail buck, mule deer, or big horn sheep. Black matte and gloss riflescopes feature laser engraving backfilled with white. All silver scopes will be backfilled with black. The result is a crisp engraving that stands out and lasts as long as your Leupold rifle scope.

Leupold Elk laser engravingLeupold Whitetail buck laser engravingLeupold Mule deer laser engravingLeupold Big horn sheep laser engraving
ElkWhitetail BuckMule DeerBig Horn Sheep

Each profile has been custom designed for Leupold, making your riflescope a true work of art. The laser engraving is performed at Leupold's Beaverton, Oregon manufacturing facility.

24K Gold Plating

24K gold plating example

Optics Planet customers ordering Leupold VX-III, FX-III, LPS, or VX-L riflescopes can now add a great customization: 24k gold plating of the ring and medallion.

The brilliant 24 K gold will set your scope apart, even among other Leupold scopes. Leupold's 24 karat gold plating is a much brighter, sharper, richer finish, and it's just as durable and long-lasting as your Leupold riflescope. Gold plating the wide Golden Ring and medallion will add considerable value, while enhancing the good looks and classic lines of your premium Leupold rifle scope.

Totally Custom Anodized Finishes for Leupold Rifle scopes(please allow 8 to 12 weeks)

For nearly 60 years, Leupold has used a hard anodized finish on Leupold rifle scopes, because it's the toughest finish that could be applied. Now, through the Leupold Custom Shop, OpticsPlanet can offer several new, exciting solid colors, fades, or even a unique "splatter" to any color offered. Anodized Custom ColorsYou can get an amazing looking one-of-a-kind riflescope with Leupold's custom anodizing processing. This custom color selection creates a unique scope like no other!

Our Leupold Custom Shop offers the options of a solid color, or a fade from black in front to your choice of color at the ocular - you can get a solid color, matte black faded to a matte custom color, or gloss black faded to a gloss custom color. The Leupold Custom Shop offers the following options: Forest Green,OD Green, Smoke Gray, Gun Metal Gray, Cobalt Blue, and Competition Red. You can also select Black or Silver anodizing if the Leupold riflescope that you selected to customize is not available in that color.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the options that you might find in a printed Leupold Custom Shop Catalog or shown here are not available at this time. The color swatches shown here are representational only and are not exact - we are working with Leupold to get better pictures for this option.

In our Leupold Custom Shop you can choose one color, or you can have your riflescope finished in matte or gloss, with a fade to black or a tie dye! The price arithmetic is not simple, so here is an example on how a custom finish price is calculated.

  • Custom AnodizedBase price for ONE solid matte color $150.00
  • Add gloss finish $100.00
  • Add splatter $35.00 then add a fade for $35.00
  • Add tie dye $35.00

To add a fade from black to red in gloss with green and red splatter would be $150.00 + $100.00 + $35.00 + $35.00 + $35.00 = $355

If select a custom anodized finish, please allow 8 to 12 weeks for the scope to be completed. All other custom options are normally completed in four to six weeks.

Leupold Custom Ballistically Matched Reticles

Custom ballistically matched reticlesLeupold Custom Shop has put 50 plus years of scopesmithing experience to work, building a personalized, digitally mastered reticle from their custom reticle library, for the long distance shooter. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the riflescope and reticle are perfectly tuned to your rifle's ballistic performance. The result is a custom, long distance shooting rifle scope system with astonishing accuracy. You simply fill in the form with the ballistic coefficient and velocity, or alternately, the specific factory load you are using, and the Custom Shop will do the rest (please make sure you get the numbers right - there are no returns on custom scopes!.

The Leupold Custom Shop uses an ultra-modern electroform metal deposition process that incorporates micron precision to create your reticle. This new, custom reticle features ballistic compensation with a 200 yard zero, and dots marking the holdover points for 300, 400 and 500 yards. We've also included reticle features for range estimating.

Leupold Rifle Scope Reticle Change

You have selected your Leupold riflescope from OpticsPlanet, but you want a Mil Dot reticle or another Leupold reticle. We can help! The Leupold Custom Shop can install nearly any of the non-illuminated reticle styles pictured here in any of our non-illuminated Leupold scopes. Choose from four sizes of Duplex reticle, two Leupold Dot reticles, a variety of Target Dot reticles, or the Leupold Mil Dot reticle. In most cases, illuminated reticles can only be installed in illuminated reticle scopes.

Leupold riflescope reticlesLeupold riflescope reticles

Custom Bullet Drop Compensation Dials

You know your rifle, rifle scope, load, and ballistics like nobody else. Now you can have custom Custom BDC dialsBullet Drop Compensation (BDC) dials for your Leupold riflescope. If you would like this option, please fill out the ballistics worksheet above with your ballistics data, and Leupold will create a precision laser-engraved dial that will allow you to adjust for bullet impact at extremely long range.

Leupold's positive click adjustment dials are made of aircraft-grade aluminum with the appropriate ranges clearly and accurately laser-engraved on the dial. You determine range to the target, then adjust to the corresponding mark on the elevation dial to achieve startling long range precision. If you are a serious long distance shooter, this upgrade is a simple, yet extremely valuable modification to your scope that will prove its worth immediately in the field. Long range shots become more precise and more ethical, greatly improving your shooting.

Target-Style Adjustment Dial Changes

The Leupold Custom Shop can install the adjustment dials of your choice in almost any Leupold riflescope (the LPS models being the only exception). You can have the elevation dial alone changed, or change both. The combinations are many, and the choice is all yours. If you are an expert target shooter, customized adjustment dial options are a great upgrade to you Leupold riflescope.
Adjustment Dial ChangesAdjustment Dial ChangesAdjustment Dial Changes

The Custom Shop and the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee

For years, Leupold has proudly offered the best consumer protection in the industry - the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. All Leupold Custom Shop customizations purchased through OpticsPlanet.com are covered by the Leupold Full Life-Time Guarantee. OpticsPlanet stands behind all of the products we sell and guarantees the authenticity of our Leupold riflescopes. All custom work is done through the Leupold Custom Shop! We at Optics Planet guarantee the best price from an Authorized US Leupold dealer - all riflescopes are brand new from the factory with full Leupold life time warranty.

Important Notes:

  1. Please note that all orders for Leupold Custom shop must be placed online. Please make sure to select correct options and check the spelling for your engravings. There are absolutely NO returns accepted on any of our Leupold Custom Riflescope orders! All custom rifle scope orders are prepaid, and we will charge your card for the full amount at the moment we send the order to Leupold Custom Shop to get the customization done. You must agree to this policy at the time of ordering. Once order is placed, it cannot be canceled.
  2. The custom work is done on brand new Leupold riflescopes at the factory. At this time we are unable to accept orders on any riflescopes that have been purchased through any other means but the OpticsPlanet online store.
  3. Custom modifications can be ordered only at the time of purchase - we are unable to accept any changes once the order is placed.
  4. The order is normally done within 4 to 6 weeks (allow 8 to 12 weeks if you choose an anodized coating). Please allow anywhere from a few additional days to a week for shipping the custom scope to your doorstep (UPS Ground within lower 48 States is free of charge and there are no additional processing fees!).
  5. We do NOT export any of our riflescopes outside of the United States, and that includes the custom Leupold Riflescopes offered here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

More information about the Leupold Custom Shop

Please take a look at our extensive list of individualization options, select one or more custom features, and order your personalized Leupold Riflescope though our unique online custom riflescope order system! If your Dad is hard to shop for, a customized Leupold riflescope is one of the best gift ideas for him that you'll find anywhere. OpticsPlanet.com offers quick turn around of your order. We are an Authorized US Leupold Dealer, and guarantee the best price on all Leupold rifle scopes. Your order is covered by our Best Deal Guarantee. Ground shipping is free of charge within lower 48 US States - and yes, we also cover Leupold Custom Shop's $15 shipping and handling fee for you!