Samson ARMS 40L-P Precision Flip Up Rear Sight

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Samson ARMS 40L-P Precision Flip Up Rear Sight

Samson ARMS 40L-P Precision Flip Up Rear Sight

Samson A.R.M.S. Flip Up Sight 40L-P is a folding sight made with special ops in mind. The P stands for precision! This Samson rifle sight features .50 MOA (minute of angle) - at 100 meters, each click of the windage adjustment knob moves the point of impact 1/2" left or right. The Samson sight also has new notches above the round apertures for faster close quarters engagements inside of 50 meters and also for long ranges (500-600 meters) sniping. The Samson ARMS Sight was designed for and selected by Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, and this durable Samson rifle sight is currently under contract for use by Special Operations Forces. When folded down, the rifle sight height is only .610 from the top of the receiver to the top of the gun sight in folded position. The Samson ARMS Folding Sight features a captivated nut to prevent loss.

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Specifications for Samson A.R.M.S. Folding Sight:

Click adjustment : 0.5 MOA

Features of Samson ARMS Flip Up Sights:

  • Windage adjustment knobs
  • Long or short range shooting

Package Contents:

  • Samson A.R.M.S. Flip Up Sight 40-LP