UW Kinetics UK4AA eLED CL-AS2, CPO-AS Front Switch, Blister

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UW Kinetics UK4AA eLED CL-AS2, CPO-AS Front Switch, Blister Product information

For over a quarter century Underwater Kinetics, better known as UK, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, containers and flashlights accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. UK waterproof lights are the standard for scuba divers, fire fighters, utility workers and health and safety personnel. Many lights meet standards set by testing agencies that include FM, CSA, UL and CENELEC as well as standards set by the NFPA and Military. Our store carries a wide selection of Underwater Kinetics Flashlights. In addition we are an Authorized US Distributor for Underwater Kinetics Flashlights. All flashlights by Underwater Kinetics from our online store come with Full Manufacturer Warranty. Underwater Kinetics strive to make your job easier, protect what's important and deliver value.

UW Kinetics UK4AA Flashlights with Front Switch help you choose your light source. Exercise your right to choose! The 4AA Flashlight by Underwater Kinetics is available in Xenon, eLED Zoom or eLED CPO styles. Which Switch Is Right For You? UW Kinetics provides users maximum choice in switching options. The UK 4AA Light is available in rear switch, front switch and twist bezel configurations. Which best meets your needs?

The 2-watt LED lasts for thousands of hours and maintains constant brightness for over 80% of the battery life. Unlike conventional lights the solid state LED will not break when dropped. As a result, you save real money on the cost of battery and lamp replacements. A twist of the bezel zooms the light between an intense narrow beam and a broad illuminating beam using the unique Projection Optics design. By clicking the switch rapidly one can switch between full power to the LED and less power for extending the burn time. This fully accessorized worklight can be mounted on a hard hat or fire helmet or carried in your pocket or tool box. A necessity for confined space workers, utilities, municipalities, firefighters, safety inspectors, etc. UL and CSA Class I Div 2 rated for use in hazardous locations.

Underwater Kinetics 4AA eLED Zoom Flashlight is the only light of its kind with a true zoom system, allowing you to focus the even beam from wide to narrow by twisting the bezel. Other lights create a hole in the center of the beam when the zoom is used. With greater beam control, you get just the right light for your job.

UnderWater kinetics Optional Right Angle kit is the only swiveling flashlight head of its kind. Attached to the 4AA Xenon or eLED Zoom Lights, it creates a versatile hands-free solution.

    Available Models of UW Kinetics UK 4AA ELed Flashlight:
  • 14439: UW Kinetics UK4AA eLED CL-AS2, Front Switch, Safety Yellow, Blister
Underwater Kinetics 514441: UK4AA eLED CPO-AS, Front Switch, Safety Yellow, Bulk No Batteries
Underwater Kinetics 514460: UK4AA eLED CPO-AS, Front Switch, Black, Bulk No Batteries

Specifications for UW Kinetics UK4 AA Flash lights with Front Switch:

SWITCH: Front Switch
LIGHT OUTPUT: 120 Lumens
DISTANCE: 630 ft.
BURNTIME: 4-5 hrs
BATTERIES:4 AA Alkaline / LR6
Weight: 5.6 oz

Features of UW Kinetics UK-4AA eLED Flashlights with Front Switch:

  • Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance (passes UL 30 ft drop to concrete test)
  • Push-button thumb switch
  • Prefocused high intensity spot beam
  • New easy loading drop-in battery compartment for quick reload of batteries
  • Hydrogen scrubber catalyst, polarized battery contacts and 0-psi vent minimize explosive risk from leaking batteries
  • Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction.
  • Waterproof to 10 meters

Package Contents:

  • UW Kinetics UK4AA eLED Flashlights with Front Switch

We sell the complete line of Underwater Kinetics Flashlights. For more flashlights please visit our Flashlight page. Our store offers a full line of original Flashlights by Underwater Kinetics with full manufacturer's warranty and Free Shipping on orders over $49! Also, our store carries a wide selection of different products made by Underwater Kinetics, such as Underwater Kinetics Dry Boxes, Underwater Kinetics Dry Boxes Accessories and UK Flashlights Accessories.

Models & part numbers

UW Kinetics UK4AA eLED CL-AS2, CPO-AS Front Switch, Blister Options

Product Code UPC SKU UW Kinetics UK4AA eLED CL-AS2, CPO-AS Front Switch, Blister Options
UK-FL-UK4AAeLED-514441 0032705144413 514441 Underwater Kinetics UK4AA eLED CPO-AS, Front Switch, Safety Yellow, Bulk No Batteries 514441
UK-FL-UK4AAeLED-514460 0032705144604 514460 Underwater Kinetics UK4AA eLED CPO-AS, Front Switch, Black, Bulk No Batteries 514460
UK-FL-UK4AAeLED-514439 032705144390 514439 Underwater Kinetics UK4AA eLED CL-AS2 Flashlight, Front Switch, Safety Yellow, Blister, US
UK-FL-UK4AAeLED-514459 032705144598 514459 Underwater Kinetics UK4AA eLED CPO-AS Flashlight, Front Switch, Black, Blister, 514459
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