Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly

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Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly

Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly

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For over a quarter century Underwater Kinetics, better known as UK, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, containers and flashlights accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. Our store carries a wide selection of Underwater Kinetics Flashlights Accessories. In addition we are an Authorized US Distributor for UK flashlight accessories. All flashlight accessories by Underwater Kinetics from our online store come with Full Manufacturer Warranty. Underwater Kinetics strive to make your job easier, protect what's important and deliver value.

Our store offers a wide selection of Flashlights Accessories from UK International Underwater Kinetics with FREE S&H for orders above ${{ freeShippingThreshold }}.

Item CodeName/DescriptionUPCCompatibility
14808Traffic Wand, 4AA/2AA0032705148084 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED
14801Lamp/Reflector (2.1 watt), 4AA/2L 0032705148015 UK 4AA, UK 4AA Right Angle, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, Mini Q40, UK 2L Lithium
14816Nylon Belt Pouch, 4AA0032705148169 UK 4AA
14832Basket Weave Bianchi Belt Pouch, 4AA/2AA0032705148329 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, LitFinger
14833Smooth Bianchi Belt Pouch, 4AA/2AA0032705148336 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, LitFinger
14834Ballistic Nylon Bianchi Belt Pouch, 4AA/2AA0032705148343 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, LitFinger
14818Stainless Steel Adjustable Helmet Clip, 4AA/2AA0032705148183 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, UK 2AA
14819Universal Helmet Clip, 4AA/2AA0032705148190 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, UK 2AA
14851Rylee Fire Helmet Clip, 4AA/2AA0032705148510 UK 4AA, UK 4AA ZOOM eLED, UK 2AA
14825UK 4AA Rapid Charger (US Plug)0032705148251 UK 4AA Rechargeable
1483712V DC Vehicle Plug0032705148374 UK 4AA Rechargeable
14843Pocket Clip (Pack of 10)0032705148435 UK 4AA Right Angle
14814Bezel, 4AA/2AA/2L0032705148145 UK 4AA Right Angle, Mini Q40, UK 2L Lithium
14815O-Ring, 4AA/2AA/2L0032705148152 UK 4AA Right Angle, Mini Q40, UK 2L Lithium
14852Zoom Bezel0032705148527 UK 4AA ZOOM eLED
14813Strap Holder, Clear Blue, Mini Q400032705148138 Mini Q40
14853Projection Optic Bezel, Mini Q40 eLED Plus0032705148534 Mini Q40 eLED Plus
15801Lamp/Reflector, 2AA0032705158014 UK 2AA
15803Nylon Belt Pouch, 2AA0032705158038 UK 2AA
09801Lamp/Reflector, 2AAA0032705098013 UK 2AAA Penlight S
09802Lamp, 2AAA (Red LED)0032705098020 UK 2AAA Penlight S
09803Bezel, 2AAA/Penlight/Mini Pocket Light0032705098037 UK 2AAA Penlight S
13802Fiber Optic Attachment, 2AAA0032705138023 UK 2AAA Penlight S
19926C4 Rechargeable Upgrade Kit (NiCad Pack, Charger, 10 Watt Lamp)0032705199260Sunlight C4
19927C8 Rechargeable Upgrade Kit (NiCad Pack, Charger, 20 Watt Lamp)0032705199277Sunlight C8
19901Battery Pack, NiCad, C4R0032705199017Sunlight C4
19911Battery Pack, NiCad, C8R/Light Cannon0032705199116Sunlight C8, Light Cannon
19902120V AC Charger, C4R0032705199024Sunlight C4
19912120V AC Charger, C8R/Light Cannon0032705199123Sunlight C8, Light Cannon
19903220V AC Charger, C4R/Light Cannon (Euro)0032705199031Sunlight C4, Light Cannon
19913220V AC Charger, C8R/Light Cannon (Euro)0032705199130Sunlight C8, Light Cannon
19904Lamp (6.6 watt), C4/C4R0032705199048Sunlight C4
19905Lamp (9.6 watt), C4R0032705199055Sunlight C4
19914Lamp (13.2 watt), C80032705199147Sunlight C8
19915Lamp (18.5 watt), C8R0032705199154Sunlight C8
19924Reflector Assembly, C4R/C8R (rechargeable)0032705199246Sunlight C4/C8
19916Reflector Assembly, C4/C8 (non-rechargeable)0032705199161Sunlight C4/C8
19918Bezel, C4/C8/Light Cannon0032705199185Sunlight C4/C8, Light Cannon
19925O-Ring, C4/C8/Light Cannon0032705199252Sunlight C4/C8, Light Cannon
19917Switch Assembly, C4/C80032705199178Sunlight C4/C8
19921Conversion Kit, C4/C80032705199215Sunlight C4/C8
26063Wrist Lanyard0032705260632C4/ C8/ Light Cannon/ D4/ D8/ SL4/ SL6
44706Rechargeable Upgrade kit (NiCad Pack & Charger)0032705447064Light Cannon
44701Lamp, Light Cannon0032705447019Light Cannon
44702Lamp Driver Module, Light Cannon0032705447026Light Cannon
44705Light Cannon Reflector0032705447057Light Cannon
44804Pistol Grip, D4/D8/Light Cannon0032705448047D4/D8/Light Cannon
44805Lantern Grip, D4/D8/Light Cannon0032705448054D4/D8/Light Cannon
44708Switch Assembly, Light Cannon0032705447088Light Cannon
44704Wide Angle Filter Kit0032705447040Light Cannon
45807D8 Rechargeable Upgrade Kit (NiCad Pack, Charger, 30 Watt Lamp)0032705458077Sunlight D8
44827D4 Rechargeable Upgrade Kit (NiCad Pack, Charger, 18 Watt Lamp)0032705448276Sunlight D4
44801Battery Pack, NiCad, D4R0032705448016Sunlight D4
45803Battery Pack, NiCad, D8R0032705458039Sunlight D8
44802120V AC Charger, D4R0032705448023Sunlight D4
45804120V AC Charger, D8R0032705458046Sunlight D8
44803220V AC Charger, D4R (Euro)0032705448030Sunlight D4
45805220V AC Charger, D8R (Euro)0032705458053Sunlight D8
44806Lamp (5.8 watt), D4/D4R0032705448061Sunlight D4
44807Lamp (18 watt), D4R only0032705448078Sunlight D4
45801Lamp (14 watt), D8/D8R0032705458015Sunlight D8
45802Lamp (30 watt), D8R only0032705458022Sunlight D8
44817Bezel, D4/D80032705448177Sunlight D4/D8
44821O-Ring, D4/D80032705448214Sunlight D4/D8
44810Switch Assembly, D4/D80032705448108Sunlight D4/D8
44820Conversion Kit, D4/D80032705448207Sunlight D4/D8
22806Lamp/Reflector (3.1 watt)0032705228069UK 300
22804Bezel, SL4/SL6/UK 3000032705228045SL4/SL6/UK 300
22805O-Ring, SL4/SL6/UK 3000032705228052SL4/SL6/UK 300
80501Lamp/Reflector (5.5 watt), SL40032705805017Sunlight SL4
18503Lamp/Reflector (8 watt), SL60032705185034Sunlight SL6

We have the complete line of Underwater Kinetics Flashlights Accessories. For more flashlights accessories please visit our Flashlight Accessories page. Our store offers a full line of original Flashlight Accessories by Underwater Kinetics with full manufacturer's warranty and Free Shipping on orders over $49! Also, our store carries a wide selection of different products made by Underwater Kinetics, such as Underwater Kinetics Flashlights, Underwater Kinetics Dry Boxes, Underwater Kinetics Dry Boxes Accessories.

Models & part numbers

Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly Options

Product Code UPC SKU Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly Options
UK-ZA-RefAssem-19924 032705199246 19924
UK-ZA-RefAssem-19916 032705199161 19916