Exces Eyeglasses 3070 with No-Line Progressive Rx Prescription Lenses

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Exces Eyeglasses 3070 with No-Line Progressive Rx Prescription Lenses Product information

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Exces 3070 Prescription Progressive Eyeglasses with custom-made no-line progressive lenses are distinct for trend-setting styling that is available only from the world's best-known eyewear brand. Funky, bold, in vogue - Exces Eyeglass Frames provides those with a youthful spirit the look they are seeking. To wear these frames is to present oneself as original - a fashion innovator - a person who does not simply "make the scene" but one who creates it. Whatever the occasion - at work, out at night - the Exces Collection is sure to meet the needs of the most demanding wearer. Exces is what the young, fashion conscious consumer craves in high fashion eyewear.

As an authorized dealer of Exces Rx Prescription Optical Glasses, and as the leading online retailer of Prescription Eyeglasses and Prescription Sunglasses, our storeis proud to offer Exces 3070 with no line multifocal lenses at our lowest sale price, and Free Shipping is Included!

The Exces 3070 Progressive eyeglasses presented on this page are available with progressive lenses. If you would like to order these Exces eyeglass frames with lined multifocal lenses or in other words bifocal lenses, please have a look a Exces 3070 Rx Bifocal eyeglasses. Along with the Rx version of the 3070, we also carry the Exces 3070 Eye Glasses Frames with clear plastic demo lenses in case you need your own optician to prepare your prescription.

The craftsmanship of the Exces 3070 progressive eyeglasses reflects meticulous attention to detail for long-lasting eye wear with a perfect fit and exceptional comfort.

See our How to Read Your Prescription guide for information on how to order the Exces No Line Bifocal 3070 from our on-line store. Contact Us if our Progressive Glasses experts may provide assistance with the Exces 3070 progressive eye glasses. We are also here to help with the 3070 and our complete collection of Exces products including Exces Eyeglasses, Exces Eyeglass Frames.

Genuine Exces Eyeglass 3070 Styles:

  • 3070-205: Exces 3070 Eyewear with Black-Tortoise 205 Frame
  • 3070-262: Exces 3070 Eyewear with Burgundy-Red Mottled 262 Frame
  • 3070-662: Exces 3070 Eyewear with Green-Brown Mottled 662 Frame
  • 3070-787: Exces 3070 Eyewear with Brown-Blue Mottled 787 Frame

Specifications for Exces 3070 Eye Glasses:

Eyeglasses Lens Diameter (Eye): 48
Distance Between Lenses (DBL):17

Package Contents:

  • Exces 3070 Prescription Rx Genuine Eyeglasses with No Line Progressive Lenses

Exces Eyeglasses Prescription Information:

We try to make it easy to order Progressive Eyeglasses on line by providing as much information as we can. See our detailed Rx information page that explains How to Read Your Eyeglasses Prescription.

Available Exces 3070 Prescription Lens Styles:

These Exces Fashion Eyeglasses are also available as Exces Frames without prescription lenses:

Exces 3070 Eyeglasses without lenses

Exces Progressive Eyeglasses Rx Lenses are available in the following lens materials:
  • CR-39 Plastic (also known as hard resin) is overall cost-effective & most commonly used lens material. CR-39 is thinner and lighter than glass. Recommended sphere range is 0.00 - +/-8.00 and cylinder range is 0.00 - +/-2.00
  • Polycarbonate is the most impact resistant lens available. Polycarbonate lenses are highly reccommended for kids, sportsmen and military. This lens material is thinner & lighter than CR-39 or glass. It blocks UV rays. Anti-scratch coating is included. Recommended sphere range is +/- 2.00-8.00
  • Aspheric Polycarbonate lenses feature the same properties as polycarbonate lenses, but they are recommended for plus (+) sphere prescriptions only
  • High Index 1.60 (also known as HX 1.60) lenses are thinner & lighter than CR-39 or glass. Recommended sphere range is 0.00 - +/-15.00
  • High Index 1.67 (also known as HX 1.67) lenses are thinner than Hight Index 1.60, CR-39 or glass. Recommended sphere range is 0.00 - +/-16.00
  • Glass lenses feature superior optical quality and scratch resistance. Although glass is heavier and thicker than other lens materials. Recommended sphere range is 0.00 - +/- 3.00
Models & part numbers

Exces Eyeglasses 3070 with No-Line Progressive Rx Prescription Lenses Options

Product Code UPC SKU Exces Eyeglasses 3070 with No-Line Progressive Rx Prescription Lenses Options
V7-EX-PROG-3070-3070-205 Exces 3070 Progressive Prescription Glasses with Black Tortoise 205 Frame 3070 205
V7-EX-PROG-3070-3070-262 Exces 3070 Progressive Prescription Glasses with Burgundy Red Mottled 262 Frame 3070 262
V7-EX-PROG-3070-3070-662 Exces 3070 Progressive Prescription Glasses with Green Brown Mottled 662 Frame 3070 662
V7-EX-PROG-3070-3070-787 Exces 3070 Progressive Prescription Glasses with Brown Blue Mottled 787 Frame 3070 787
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