Wenger Swiss Army Knives Ranger 61

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Wenger Swiss Army Knives Ranger 61

Wenger Swiss Army Knives Ranger 61

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Wenger, the company that brought you the Genuine Swiss Army Knives, is now featuring knives in the hunting market with the Wenger Swiss Army Knives Ranger 61. Like all Swiss Army knives, Wenger Ranger 61 Pocket Knife comes with a variety of tools, making it a handy knife to have. With an ergonomic handle, a one handed opening 3.9" blade with safety lock, patented locking screwdriver, and other various implements, these knives are finding its way into a lot of hunting packs. And with our price, you'll want this for your hunting trip.

Since 1893, Wenger has made functionality, reliability and quality top priorities for these Wenger knives. Each of these characteristics are thought through rigorously and implemented with extreme care to ensure maximum product performance and customer satisfaction. Many companies can say the same, but they create products that live up to this standard and are also affordable, easy to use, safe and convenient. This philosophy has made Wenger a symbol of Swiss Army Knife quality.

Wenger have been designing pocket knives for members of the Swiss Army for over 100 years. A full line of genuine Wenger Swiss Army Knives are on sale and available from our store. All Knives by Wenger from our online store comes with Full Manufacturer Warranty.

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Available Wenger Swiss Army Knives Ranger 61:
  • Wenger Swiss Army Knife Ranger 61 16304
  • Wenger Pocket Knife Ranger 61 with Clip 16319

Specifications for Wenger Ranger 61 Swiss Army Pocket Knives:

Implements:  6
Functions:   6
Height(in):  5.1
Weight(oz):  4.4

Features of Wenger Swiss Pocket Knife Ranger 61:

  • Ergonomic handles with knurling
  • One-handed-opening
  • 3.9" blade with safety lock
  • Patended locking screwdriver,cap lifter, wire stripper
  • Corkscrew
  • Can opener
  • Reamer, awel with sewing eye
  • Key ring

Package Contents:

  • Wenger Ranger 61 Swiss Pocket Knife