Amacker Adjustable Ladder Tree Stand AM82031

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Amacker Adjustable Ladder Tree Stand AM82031

Amacker Adjustable Ladder Tree Stand AM82031

Amacker Adjustable Ladder Tree Stand AM82031 is the latest addition to the existing Tree stands from Amacker Outdoors. Amacker Tree Stand Ladder AM 82031 is a tree ladder that attaches to a tree before the user climbs the tree itself. To attach the Amacker ladderstand to a tree-trunk, just lean the AM82031 tree stand against the tree and hook the attached blade to the trunk. Afterwards pull the rope which releases the patented bungee cord system and the ladder will be secured to the tree. From this point you can easily climb up the tree stand ladder in complete assurance. It is as easily removed as it was to set-up. To remove, just disengage the bungee cord, climb down and release the holding pin to unhook the blade. Amacker Tree Stands are among the best in the market, Amacker Outdoors has been designing innovative fixed and climbing tree stands for decades and remains an industry leader today. Our online store offers a wide assortment of hunting accessories including Tree Stands to make your hunting experience the best it can be.

Specifications for Amacker Outdoors Ladder Tree Stand AM82031:

Color:green powder coat
Weight:(lbs) 55
Weight capacity:(lbs) 300
Foot platform size:(in) 16x17
Seat platform size:(in) 12x19
Ladder height:(ft) 16

Features of Amacker Adjustable Ladder AM82031:

  • Padded shooting rail
  • Patented tree attachment for safety
  • Easy set-up / take-down
  • Maximum height 16ft
  • Maximum 300lb weight
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Package Contents:

  • Amacker Outdoors AM82031 Adjustable Tree Ladder
    • Full body harness
    • Ratchet strap
    • Padded shooting rail
    • Tree attachment