Torrey Pines Mounting Rings

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Torrey Pines Mounting Rings

Torrey Pines Mounting Rings

This model of Torrey Pines Logic Night Vision Accessories is discontinued and no longer available. Please, choose from our wide selection of ATN Night Vision Accessories, Morovision Night Vision Accessories, Night Optics Night Vision Accessories and other Night Vision Accessories on our site.

Torrey Pines Logic is a leading manufacturer of night vision accessories specifically designed for hand held thermal cameras. TorreyPines Night Vision Accessories are the best on the market for a reasonable price to the consumer.

Torrey Pines Logic Rings designed with exclusive interlocking alignment system. TPL Mounting Rings ensure secure locking. TPIR Mounting Rings from Torrey Pines Logic are compatible with TPIR-45, L3 X200/100/50, Insight's MTM and MTM-V/2 cameras.

Available Torrey Pines 2X and 3X Mounting Rings models:

  • TP-H-IR-2XMR-X200: Torrey Pines Logic TPIR 2X Mounting Ring for X200/100/50 cameras
  • TP-H-IR-3XMR-X200: Torrey Pines 3x TPIR Rings for L3 X200/100/50 thermal cameras
  • TP-H-IR-2XMR-3620: Torrey Pines Ring 2X for L3 3620 core w/ 11/17/32 degree optic
  • TP-H-IR-3XMR-3620: Torrey Pines Logic Mounting 3X Rings for L3 3620 core w/ 11/17/32 degree optics
  • TP-H-IR-2XMR-4512: Torrey Pines 2x Mounting Rings for TPIR-45 w/ 12 degree lens
  • TP-H-IR-3XMR-4512: Torrey Pines Logic TPIR Ring 3X for TPIR-45 cameras w/ 12 degree lens
  • TP-H-IR-2XMR-4550: Torrey Pines Logic TPIR Mounting 2X Rings for TPIR-45 w/ 50 degree lens
  • TP-H-IR-3XMR-4550: Torrey Pines Mounting Rings 3X for cameras TPIR-45 w/ 50 degree lens
  • TP-H-IR-2XMR-MTM: Torrey Pines Logic Rings 2x for Insight's MTM, MTM-V/2 cameras
  • TP-H-IR-3XMR-MTM: Torrey Pines Logic TPIR Mounting 3x Ring for Insight's MTM and MTM-V/2 cameras

Features of Torrey Pines Logic 2x and 3x Rings:

  • Fits L3 X200/100/50 cameras (only models TP-H-IR-2XMR-X200, TP-H-IR-3XMR-X200)
  • Fits L3 3620 core with 11/17/32 degree optics (only for TP-H-IR-2XMR-3620, TP-H-IR-3XMR-3620)
  • Fits TPIR-45 with 12 degree lens (only for TP-H-IR-2XMR-4512, TP-H-IR-3XMR-4512)
  • Fits TPIR-45 with 50 degree lens (only models TP-H-IR-2XMR-4550, TP-H-IR-3XMR-4550)
  • Fits Insight's MTM and MTM-V/2 cameras (only for TP-H-IR-2XMR-MTM, TP-H-IR-3XMR-MTM)

Package Contents:

  • Torrey Pines Logic TPIR Mounting Ring

Torrey Pines offers a wide selection of night vision accessories. TorreyPines Night Vision Accessories fits most thermal imaging camera models. To increase focal length of the optical system you can try Torrey Pines Logic Afocal Adapters for L3 Thermal-Eye X200XP Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera TIMNX200, L3 Thermal Eye X-50 Thermal Imaging Camera TIMNX050, Thermal Eye X150xp Thermal Imaging Camera TIMNX150 or Torrey Pines Adapters for Morovision Insight Technologies Mini Thermal Monocular MVP-MTM-000-A3.