DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster

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DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster Product information

The DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster is a basic neutral concealment OWB holster that works equally well on the strong side or cross draw. This DeSantis E-Gat Slide Belt Holster works with both revolvers and autos and is available in a black-finished top grain leather. The DeSantis E-Gat Slide Grain Leather Belt Holster has been simplified in the production process to save you quite a few bucks, without costing you anything in performance.

DeSantis 115BAV5Z0: E-Gat Slide,Ruger LC9,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BAK9Z0: E-Gat Slide,Kahr CM40,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BAB2Z0: E-GAT SLIDE, Right Hand, Fits Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27, Black
DeSantis 115BAC7Z0: E-Gat Slide,Sig Sauer P229,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BAF4Z0: E-Gat Slide,Sig Sauer P229R,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BAX7Z0: E-Gat Slide,SW MP Shield 9/40,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BA02Z0: E-Gat Slide, Right Hand, SW J 36,37,60,317,331,337,360, Black
DeSantis 115BAI4Z0: E-Gat Slide,Ruger SR40,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BAN3Z0: E-Gat Slide,Ruger LCR 1 7/8in,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BAM9Z0: E-Gat Slide,SW MP Compact 9/40,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BBC7Z0: E-Gat Slide,Sig Sauer P229,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BBK9Z0: E-Gat Slide,Kahr CM40,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BBM9Z0: E-Gat Slide,SW MP Compact 9/40,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BBN3Z0: E-Gat Slide,Ruger LCR 1 7/8in,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BB02Z0: E-Gat Slide,Left, S&W J 36,37,60,317,331,337,360, Black
DeSantis 115BA85Z0: E-Gat Slide,Colt Commander,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BBB2Z0: E-Gat Slide,Left, Black,Fits Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27,
DeSantis 115BA88Z0: E-Gat Slide,Springfield XDM,Right, Black
DeSantis 115BBI4Z0: E-Gat Slide,Ruger SR40,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BB85Z0: E-Gat Slide,Colt Commader,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BB88Z0: E-Gat Slide,Springfield XDM,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BBF4Z0: E-Gat Slide,Sig Sauer P229R,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BBV5Z0: E-Gat Slide,Ruger LC9,Left, Black
DeSantis 115BBX7Z0: E-Gat Slide,SW MP Shield 9/40,Left, Black

Package Contents:

  • DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster
Models & part numbers

DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster Options

Product Code UPC SKU DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster Options
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAV5Z0 792695320111 115BAV5Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Ruger LC9,Right,Black 115BAV5Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAK9Z0 792695320050 115BAK9Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Kahr CM40,Right,Black 115BAK9Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAB2Z0 792695318569 115BAB2Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27,Right,Black 115BAB2Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAC7Z0 792695319993 115BAC7Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Sig Sauer P229,Right,Black 115BAC7Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAF4Z0 792695320012 115BAF4Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Sig Sauer P229R,Right,Black 115BAF4Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAX7Z0 792695320135 115BAX7Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,SW MP Shield 9/40,Right,Black 115BAX7Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BA02Z0 792695318637 115BA02Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,SW J 36,37,60,317,331,337,360,Right, Black 115BA02Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAI4Z0 792695320036 115BAI4Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Ruger SR40,Right,Black 115BAI4Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAN3Z0 792695320098 115BAN3Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Ruger LCR 1 7/8in,Right,Black 115BAN3Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BAM9Z0 792695320074 115BAM9Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,SW MP Compact 9/40,Right,Black 115BAM9Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBC7Z0 792695320005 115BBC7Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Sig Sauer P229,Left,Black 115BBC7Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBK9Z0 792695320067 115BBK9Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Kahr CM40,Left,Black 115BBK9Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBM9Z0 792695320081 115BBM9Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,SW MP Compact 9/40,Left,Black 115BBM9Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBN3Z0 792695320104 115BBN3Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Ruger LCR 1 7/8in,Left,Black 115BBN3Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BB02Z0 792695318644 115BB02Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,SW J 36,37,60,317,331,337,360,Left,Black 115BB02Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BA85Z0 792695320159 115BA85Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Colt Commander,Right, Black 115BA85Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBB2Z0 792695318576 115BBB2Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27,Left,Black 115BBB2Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BA88Z0 792695320173 115BA88Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Springfield XDM,Right,Black 115BA88Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBI4Z0 792695320043 115BBI4Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Ruger SR40,Left,Black 115BBI4Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BB85Z0 792695320166 115BB85Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Colt Commader,Left,Black 115BB85Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BB88Z0 792695320180 115BB88Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Springfield XDM,Left,Black 115BB88Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBF4Z0 792695320029 115BBF4Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Sig Sauer P229R,Left,Black 115BBF4Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBV5Z0 792695320128 115BBV5Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,Ruger LC9,Left,Black 115BBV5Z0
ZD-HT-EGAT-115BBX7Z0 792695320142 115BBX7Z0 DeSantis E-Gat Slide Holster,SW MP Shield 9/40,Left,Black 115BBX7Z0
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